Ready, Set, Go….


We are finally there.. at the tip of the ledge, ready to take our leap into the most exciting world of making!! After many months of following blogs, and reading articles, and thinking, and re-thinking about what it is that we want for our students, we figured, we’d just start!! We now have a space..we have our students..we have a plan! (Well, sort of..)

Our first set of young makers, from Grade 5 and Grade 6 will meet once a week. They will get to build what they imagine, to give shape to their passions, to collaborate and strategize, and to take the challenges that they meet head on!

The fact that IB syllabus mandates a first hand learning experience like this does not spring any surprises because we teachers have seen practically how such exercises kindles creativity. Not just that, they also make the child question more and find the answers which is very important for their learning process.

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  1. This sounds exciting. I am sure you are woking double time to ensure that the students get the best experience. Kudos to you.. Look forward to more such events.

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