It’s all in the paper! – Material challenge


Today’s challenge was an interesting one. I had the task details up on the pin up board, even before the students arrived. The first ones to walk in immediately noticed the chart, approached it, and started reading through it. As more students streamed in, their attention was drawn to the board as well. Slowly, the pin up board gathered audience. Continue reading “It’s all in the paper! – Material challenge”

Roller Coaster Mania!!

This week, we hit a big milestone. We completed our first longish challenge. The students stayed on one task, over 4 sessions, and managed to pull it off successfully! My initial misgivings on whether there would be continuity in the work, and sustained interest from the students, were all put to rest. Not only did my students stay focused throughout, they actually got quite attached to their teams and designs. The pride and ownership they felt, were very evident. Continue reading “Roller Coaster Mania!!”